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Chionanthus virginicus flowers
Chionanthus virginicus (Fringe Tree)
Our Price: $3.50

Sweet honey-lilac scented flowers hang in abundance, sometimes covering the entire tree. Loved by nectar seekers. Glossy leaves turn a vivid yellow in autumn

  • Seed Count: 20-25
  • Hardiness Zone: 4-9
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Rubus chamaemorus
Rubus chamaemorus (Cloudberry; Bakedapple)
Our Price: $3.75

The CFIA has informed me of the biosecurity risk associated with
Rubus (all species).  Though its is wild collected and cleaned in field, this matters not.  We cannot export any Rubus seed outside of Canada.
In spring white flowers are followed by raspberry like fruits which start ripening mid August. Best picked when the colour transitions from red to a glowing apricot.  A friend likened its sweet-tart flavour to vanilla and orange frozen yogurt.  Spreads via underground runners and by seed. Thick lobed rugose leaves.  In the field it grows well in full sun and doesn't seem to be very shade tolerant. Very hardy.  Gendered.