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Achlys triphylla bareroot
Achlys triphylla br (Vanilla Leaf)
Our Price: $3.25

One nice rhizome. Native herbaceous perennial to 30 cm tall. This lovely plant with its large characteristic three leaves only occurs in a narrow band of the Coastal Mountain Range. Makes large colonies via runners and is a very attractive summer ground cover growing happily with rhodos and other open woodland spaces. Harvest its leaves in Autumn and hang; its vanilla scent is more pronounced when dry

Trientalis latifolia (Star-flower) bulb
Trientalis latifolia (Star-flower) bulb
Our Price: $3.75

One nice bulb. Native tuber forming herbaceous perennial to 15 cm. The 6 point star shaped pale pink flowers seem to float above lance shaped leaves on thin, wire like stems.  When happy grows in dense colonies. Drought tolerant when established.  Does well growing under small shrubs and base of trees of mixed forest.
Magnolia lotungensis seedlings
Magnolia lotungensis bareroot
Our Price: $50.00

  • 1 bareroot organically grown plant

  • Hardiness Zone: 7-10
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