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Because of the changing Plant Biosecurity requirements please check with your country's importation regulations when importing plant products including seeds and plants. Most countries require a Phytosanitary Certificate to import plants.

Please be aware its the buyer’s responsibility to know their countries Customs Importation laws.

please use this link. It lists the seeds allowed into the country. If it isn't there, the seed will be seized (updated July 2018):

A Phytosanitary Certificate is a Canadian government issued document certifying that the plant product (seeds or plants) has been inspected by a governmental agent and is approved for exportation. We do the paperwork. For international orders only, it is not necessary for domestic (Canadian) orders.

For our customers in the United States, you will notice a change in the shipping charges as they now include costs of the required Phytosanitary Certificate (PC) we must issue with each order. The benefits of a PC are: the shipment can include plants & seed, and it prevent fines and delays. If you have questions what can and cannot be imported into the United States, the USDA/APHIS Plant Protection and Quarantine Permit Unit contacts on this link are helpful.
Please note: we will no longer process orders using the Small lot of Seed program. We simply cannot afford the time it takes to process.

Other countries (ie Russian Federation) that also require a Phytosanitary Certificate will see the fee included in the shipping costs. Our shipping options menu always include any necessary fees/services needed to get your order succesfully delivered.

We DO NOT treat our bulbs or bare root or our seed selections with any chemicals in preparation for shipping (in fact we don’t use chemicals at all).
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Phytosanitary Certificate
Phytosanitary Certificate
Our Price: $25.00

This government issued document certifies that the plant product (seeds or plants) has been inspected by a governmental agent and is approved for exportation.  Covers all products shipped in a single order up to $1500.
For international orders only, as it is not necessary for domestic (Canadian) orders

.For our US customers, if you can't wait for a USDA issued 'Small Lots of Seed Permit', this ensures  your order to quickly pass through USDA inspection stations/customs and any delays due to an inspection backlog.  Our article 'Small Lot of Seed Permit vs. Phytosanitary Certificate' under the 'Shipping to USA' topic offers more details.