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Celebrating Nature's Plant Diversity

Welcome! Our little patch of Eden is constantly evolving to include a greater diversity of rare and unique plant species both native and those from around the world. Our seed selection is quite dynamic as our listings are updated when seed is harvested and passes our quality checks for viability. We will be offering plants as our nursery expands.

We are also pragmatic growers and know how important it is to keep seed viable that's why we keep all our seed refrigerated at 2-4C. You need good seed to raise good strong plants and it all starts with proper seed storage and pre-germination treatments. All our seed offerings provide germination information to optimize your success. We are not shy in sharing our techniques so that you too can grow your own botanical treasures.

Though we are not certified organic, we follow organic growing practices since our inception in 1995. The thought of using man-made chemicals and fertilizers never sat well with our sense of stewardship especially when our home sits in the middle of the garden! Over the years we've seen the diversity of wildlife grow.

If you have any special seed or seedling requests, we recommend you to inquire early and we will do our best.

Normally we are closed from May to September, switching our focus to propagation, harvesting and chasing bees during these months, but we're going to attempt to stay open for these months if there is enough traffic to warrant it. We keep e-mailing to a minimum. Filling seed orders might be a little delayed. Because of the ever growing popularity of Seedy Saturdays, seed exchanges and bulk sales, we may be out of an item on very short notice. Enjoy the resources our site offers from our articles that discuss blending your own organic fertilizers to germination information.

We have and never will carry, offer, nor grow ANY GMO's as heirlooms and unadulterated species are our focus.

Let the great greening begin!