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Allium cernuum (Nodding Wild Onion)
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A dear friend introduced me to this native species through her dried culinary herbs.  I've loved it ever since. Good bye chives!  Green tops have a strong but not over powering garlic-chive-onion taste perfect fresh and keeps its flavour when dried.  Perfect for flavouring veggie dips topping soups, stews and much more. I haven't used the slender bulbs yet as we're want to expand the plantation.  A lovely plant with nodding ball of nectar filled pink starry flowers. Will spread via offsets and self seeds when happy. Prefers full or semi sun and average garden soil. Mine grow happily intermingled with rosemary and oregano.  Deer resistant. Drought tolerant when establiahed
Argenteuil asparagus seedling roots
Asparagus, Argenteuil (Asparagus officinalis)
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Called 'the most elegant of all vegetables', this French heirloom never disappoints with its large, 2 cm thick spears. Prolific and produces spears earlier in spring than most varieties. Ultimate variety for white asparagus. Excellent flavour, very tender and loaded with folic acid and other healthy vitamins and minerals. I'm tired of the run of the mill asparagus with wimpy stems and I am now growing this. Plants create a circular fan of fleshy rhizomes and are heavy feeders, so its best to top dress with composted manure in late winter once the snow is gone...or before snow falls in late fall/early winter. Can adapt to a wide variety of well draining soils. Heat tolerant.

Basil, Genova
Basil, Genova (Ocimum basilicum)
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An improved 'Sweet Basil' with a strong aroma with a hint of anise.  Strong plants can be either grown in pots or straight in the garden.  Companion plant with tomatoes as they need pretty much the same growing conditions.  Basil (all types) are intolerant of wet cold soils and overly shaded locations.  They love heat and good draining soils.  Temps below 10 C (50F) cause basil to stop growing.  Happy plants grow quickly and you're able to harvest leaves all season long.  Minced with olive oil (preferably extra virgin) it can be frozen (no air in resealable baggies) for winter use.  Bushy plants reach 45 cm tall or so.
Thai basil
Basil, Thai (Ocimum basilicum)
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An Asian basil used extensively in many Thai, Vietnamese and Laotian dishes from soups, curries, salads, and stir-fries.  Imparts a strong distinct flavour that its also called 'Licorice/Anise' basil or Bai Horpapa. Lance shaped leaves are less round than the European/Western varieties along with it's red stems and flower stalks they can't be confused.  Makes a 45 cm tall bushy plant.  Tender perennial.
Romanesco broccoli
Broccoli, Romanesco (Brassica oleracea botrytis)
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75 days.  Not your regular broccoli!  Bright lime green heads grow where each floret takes on a fractal spiral so the entire unit looks like a series of raised conical swirls.  Very dramatic.  Doesn't taste like broccoli or cauliflower, but has a delicate nutty taste.  Great raw for dips, lightly steamed and dressed with olive oil & Parmesan, but make sure you never overcook this delicacy as it takes on a fuzzy texture.  Makes nice sized 1 lb heads at harvest.  Grow as you would other brassica where optimum growing temp is around 25 C.
Brussels Sprouts 'Hilds Ideal'
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120 days. An excellent German open pollinated variety known for its cold hardiness and its harvests of tender sweet spouts.  Sunny days with light night time frosts produce the best densely packed sweet sprouts, whereas hot weather gives loosely packed bitter tasting poor quality sprouts.
Cataloupe, Petit Gris de Rennes
Cataloupe, Petit Gris de Rennes (Cucumus melo)
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80-85 days.  An early ripening orange fleshed melon from French antiquity.  Renowned for its sweet, flavourful taste and perfumed scent.  If that wasn't enough, it grows well in our 'cooler' coastal climate.  Fruits weigh in at 2 lbs (1 kg).  Grey-green rind that takes on an orange cast when ripe...if the perfume doesn't tell you its already ripe!
Cucumber 'Paris Pickling'
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An 1800's French heirloom multipurpose cucumber for gherkins, pickling and slicing.  Pick around Day 50 for gherkins, Day 60 for pickles and Day 70 for sweet slicers. A heavy producer that will keep going until fall's chill.  Heavy feeders, needs water & warmth. Habitat: warm well draining fertile soil; full to semi sun. Mulch. When grown on a fence or trellis it not only conserves space, but harvesting is easier and cleaner.
Kale, Red Russian (Brassica oleracea)
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Can grow to 2 meters tall; 1 meter wide. Blue green oak leaf type brassica with purple veining.  Very ornamental and very edible.  Very thick stems can withstand heavy snows. Russian heirloom. Cold hardy to -10C with very little protection.  Plants will survive for years if you don't let them set seed.  Will self sow and provide an abundance of greens.  Leaves are sweet and tender. Use flowering shoots like rapini; turns green when cooked. Good substitute for Purple Sprouting Broccoli. Yummy.
Kale, Sweet Hardy (Brassica napus)
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An overwintering variety with deep green leaves and shoots.  Great sweet nutty tasting greens for late winter to early spring.  Doesn't have the pungent or bitterness of other kales we've grown or tried.  Hasn't been tried it as a spring sown green.  Survived our -14C winter temps without any protection. Unname seed comes through an exchange with a good friend who has horticultural connections with northern gardeners.  We've given it the best moniker after much sampling.  Great fresh, steamed, try drying it for handy greens and chips!  Tight unopened flowering shoots great fresh and cooked like asparagus broccoli types.
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