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Holboellia coriacea fruit
Holboellia coriacea (Blue China Vine)
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A vigorous evergreen woody vine with thick glossy dark green tri-foliate leaves.  In spring it produces fragrant bell flowers consisting of two layers...a pale ivory pink outer and a pale mauve-pink inner. In the fall plum-like sized edible* richly coloured purple fruits are usually borne in pairs, very unique.  Its a lot hardier than some people give it credit for as it survived our -14C winter of 2008/9.  Grows to 7-8 meters.  A friend of mine refers to the plant as 'vine plum', which is a more apt description than 'sausage vine'.
Lonicera ciliosa
Lonicera ciliosa (Western Trumpet Honeysuckle)
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A lovely, carefree native deciduous woody honeysuckle to 6m in all directions.  Lovely leaves and lovelier clusters of narrow mouthed orange trumpet shaped flowers that only hummingbirds are able to access the nectar bounty within.  Deer resistant. Will twine and climb trees, fences, trellis or creep on the ground if given no support. Drought tolerant when established.
Lonicera etrusca (Etruscan Honeysuckle)
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Flower clusters are intensely fragrant with dark pink and ivory individual blooms opening in sequence.  Blooms from mid June to frost.  Faint fuzz covers new growth.  Nice dark pink colour on new woody tips.  Drought tolerant when established.  Semi evergreen in sunny sheltered spot.  Easy to care for vine as I've never had to do anything with this plant other than put it in the ground and train it along the chain link fence growing 6 meters in all directions.
Passiflora incarnata (American Passionflower)
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This passiflora is one of the hardiest of its genus.  Grows to 2-6 m depending on soil and sun.  Exotic honey sweet scented flowers are followed by delicious apricot sized fruit.  Lobed leaves. Aerial parts used as a medicinal.  No passiflora can tolerate water logged or standing water so ensure good drainage.  Easy to grow; fast grower.  Becomes a woody climber in warm climates and herbaceous in colder ones. Mulch in fall; cut down dead vines; fertilize in early spring.
Phytosanitary Certificate
Our Price: 25.00
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Need a Phytosanitary Certificate to import seed or plants to your country? We do the paperwork for proper documentation for a modest fee.
Late April photo of fall sown germinating Schisandra chinensis seed.
Schisandra chinensis seeds (Magnolia Vine)
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A gendered species where, in May-June, tiny white sweetly fragrant pnk and white flowers adorn the vines on both sexes. On female plants dense grape like clusters of berries ripen from green to brilliant red edible morsels that are used in traditional Chinese Medicine as an 'adaptogen'. Lustrous leaves and graceful woody vine form makes this also a highly ornamental for landscape. Tolerates shade, but needs evenly moist fertile soil. Vigorous as it can grow 1m or more a year maxing out to 10 meters in every direction. Plants need a sturdy arbor, trellis, or fence or what have you.

Skookum Grow: our natural germination enhancer
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My tried and true germination initiator to promote more uniform and consistent germination in many plants we grow including hard to start species such as Meconopsis, Trillium, and Paeonia. Made from entirely natural ingredients of Ascophyllum nodosum kelp extract and fulvic acid, ‘Skookum Grow’ is a holistic approach using balanced formula of gibberellins, cytokinins, auxins, and enzymes with fulvic acid as an additional germination catalyst.  This concentrated formula is easy to use where 5 ml of ‘Skookum Grow’ makes 1 litre of seed soak solution.  The soak time differs for each seed type (see ‘cultivation notes’ on your seed packet) as it usually ranges between 12-48 hours but never beyond 72 hours.  Being organic, this product has a limited shelf life once made into a solution and is perfect for watering your plants once you are finished soaking your seeds so nothing is lost.  Please store any unused portion of ‘Skookum Grow’ concentrate in your refrigerator.
Lab analysis results show that the kelp portion of our formula contains a minimum 400 ppm of cytokinins, gibberellins, and auxins. Two 5 ml packets.
Vitis riparia (Frost Grape)
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This North American grape is one of the hardiest species in the world surviving temperatures as low as minus 40C (-40F). The grapes are sweetly acidic and have a lovely flavor when allowed to fully ripen on the vine thus excellent for wine making and jellies. A stunning vine up to 5-7 m with variable leaf types (rounded or deeply lobed) displaying beautiful golden autumn colors. Highly valued by wildlife and perfect for naturalizing woodland areas or along fences and of course as root stock.