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A diverse array of uncommon and rare woodies of many genera: nut, fruit, shade, and flower.
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acer campbellii
Acer campbellii (Campbell's Maple)
Our Price: 3.50

A lovely rare Asian maple. Thick palmate leaves can reach 20 cm wide and first emerge purple-red, becoming blue-green in summer then brilliant scarlet in the autumn depending on the site. Clear jade green bark adds to its beauty. Native to the mountains of southern China, its quite adaptable as a garden specimen. Likes sun, but not hot sun. Provide some water in severe drought.

Acer circinatum (Vine Maple)
Acer circinatum (Vine Maple)
Our Price: 3.25

This Vine maple seed comes from the Queen Charlotte Islands. Lovely green leaves with multiple short serrated pointed lobes. About half of the resulting seedlings are red barked (others are bright green). There are occasional red leafed seedlings. Mature trees are multi-stemmed with graceful twisted branching. Takes on a more upright tree like habit when grown in full sun and becomes lax in overly shady sites. Lovely bright fall colours of yellow to scarlet.

Acer cissifolium
Acer cissifolium (Amahogi maple)
Our Price: 3.50

From the forests of Japan comes this tri-foliate maple. Foliage in spring is soft pink when it unfurls, becomes a lovely mid green in summer, and in the fall becomes orange or yellow depending on sun exposure. Loose sprawling branching from often is a lot wider than tall.

Acer davidii
Acer davidii (David's Snakebark Maple)
Our Price: 3.50

Lovely snake-bark maple with prominent silver tiger stripes on bright jade green bark. Dark green leaves tend to be simple with the occasional lobe depending on individual.. Fall colour is a glowing yellow with some scarlet. Flowering trusses are much sought after by nectar and pollen seekers. Fast growing.

Acer diabolicum
Acer diabolicum (Devil's Maple)
Our Price: 3.50

A rare maple from Japan's southern mountain forests. Aptly named for the spur like 'horn' that curls up at the seed coat base. In spring bright red pendulous flower clusters are very conspicuous and much loved by nectar/pollen seekers followed by reddish brown samaras. Leaves resemble Acer macrophyllum in shape but just less than half their size. Orange fall display. Moderate sized tree reaching 11m. Heat and flood tolerant. Smooth gray bark becomes pebbled like elephant skin with age.

Acer elegantulum
Acer elegantulum (Elegant Maple)
Our Price: 3.50

An Asian maple possessing 'an elegant habit'. Five lobed glossy thick leaves emerge in the spring a blood red then mature to a lovely deep emerald green. Rare. More shrub like than tree.

Acer erianthum
Acer erianthum (Downy Maple)
Our Price: 3.75

Distinctive Asian maple whose white flowers are borne in upright tight panicle like tufts that gradually turn down as they ripen.

Acer glabrum
Acer glabrum (Mountain Maple)
Our Price: 3.25

A highly ornamental native small tree. Rarely grows straight, but takes on the multi-stemmed arching sinuous form. Serrated lobed leaves are a nice green but fall colour varies as its more red in sunny sites and yellow in shade.

Acer griseum
Acer griseum (Paperbark Maple)
Our Price: 3.50

Beautiful paper thin peeling cinnamon coloured layered bark. If this wasn't distinctive enough, the green trifoliate leaves are often coarsely serrated or lobed. Autumn colour consists of brilliant oranges and reds. A very distinctive and unusual maple hardy enough to be used as a street tree in full sun. Relatively slow grower that will eventually reach 14 meters tall with about equal spread in 50 years. Tolerant of clay soils. No pest problems.

Acer henryi
Acer henryi
Our Price: 3.25

This maple's trifoliate leaves look very much like A. cissifolia except the form is more pyrmidal in shape.
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