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> Starting early > Our grow light set up
My set up is on the second floor in the library (its partially suspended over this computer desk). A power cord to a bank of lights on a timer is what got many species through the past two winters. A simple set up too that you can use for years and years.

I use 32 watt T8 florescent 48 inch tubes at 2950 lumens and a colour temp of 5000K. Fixtures are mounted on 1x4 boards with enough length to have 'ears' sticking out on both ends to help suspend the lights and to increase height via books as needed as the kids grow. The pots I use are 15cm square so they nestle together better and the pots are put in large resealable plastic bags to keep the mess contained. I'll be setting up my lights tomorrow to put Korean pine, Franklinia, Camellia, Fargesia nitida, Magnolia insignis, M. biloba, M. virginiana, M. tripetala, M. delavayi, and M. grandiflora under them. There should be room enough for more. I start my tomatoes under these lights in early February.