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Trillium ovatum Meconopsis betonicifolia Magnolia kobus var borealis
Trillium ovatum (Western Trillium)
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Gorgeous white three petaled flowers gradually transition from white to pink to wine purple. Most of our plants are sweetly fragrant (like plum blossoms). Lovely mat rich green leaves. Co-evolved with our wacky climate of drenched winters and tolerant of summer drought. Tubers usually sit deeply when established, but very shallow as seedlings. Will spread when happy.

  • Seed Count: 15-20
  • Hardiness Zone: 4-9
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This subspecies of Magnolia kobus is perhaps the hardiest of all magnolias

  • Seed Count: 12-15
  • Hardiness Zone: 3-8
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Prunus cerasifera atropurpurea Magnolia kobus Paeonia delavayi
Prunus cerasifera atropurpurea
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Paeonia delavayi (Delavay's Tree Peony)
Our Price: $5.25
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CANADA ONLY due to CFIA export restrictions. Red fruited cherry plum or Pissard plum. Delicious clingstone 3cm sized fruits festoon these trees. It was covered in heavenly sweetly scented flowers in March making it easy to spot. This summer we were awarded with a bounty. I did not notice any black knot on these unkempt trees. Small bronze leaves with dark red/purple veining. Rounded form no more than 10m tall and just as wide. Pick fruits when they start turning yellow as they don't stick to the tree when ripe. Does very well on forest edges and along the beach front. Seedlings growing in the brambles look just like the mother tree.
  • Seed Count: 15-20

  • Hardiness Zone: 4-9
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  • Seed Count: 5-7
  • Hardiness Zone: 5-9
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